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By Meena Hart Duerson
The American author, poet and activist first touched readers with her coming-of-age autobiography "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."

Maya Angelou's inspiring and moving writing made her a legend, but she was often just as poetic in 140 characters online as she was in print.

The award-winning author and literary icon, who died Wednesday, sent only 255 tweets in four years, but when she did take to the social network, her posts were like mini poems. Her last tweet, posted on May 23, is a fittingly serene final message:

A scroll through her Twitter account leaves us with a kind of Maya Angelou Playbook for Life, with her lasting thoughts on all kinds of topics, from how to be (and find) a good friend:

How to love:

How to find happiness:

How to be successful:

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How to forgive:

How not to compromise on your quality of life:

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How to appreciate every day:

And how to fight against what was wrong in the world:

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She was thankful for her friends, and generous with her gratitude:

And while her tweets were instantly quotable, she also wasn't afraid to quote herself: