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Marco Rubio speaks out about 'quandary' of voting for presumptive nominee Donald Trump

Former Republican candidate Marco Rubio spoke out about the "quandary" of having to support Donald Trump in the presidential race.
/ Source: TODAY

While Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledges that he still has major disagreements with Donald Trump's policies and campaign conduct, he will support the presumptive Republican nominee without interference.

"What I don't intend to do is spend the next six months taking shots at Donald,'' Rubio said on TODAY Wednesday. "Whether we like it or not, he has earned the right to make his case to the American people. He earned it at the ballot box, and I'll respect that."

The former Republican candidate called being caught between backing Trump in the presidential race, abstaining or supporting Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton a "quandary."

"I'm even more scared about her being in control of the U.S. government,'' he said about Clinton. "I think it's pretty clear that this is the position obviously I didn't want us to be in. Donald Trump obviously wasn't my first choice.

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"I ran for president. I did the best I could, and it didn't work out. Republican voters have chosen a different direction. I have to respect that result even though it's not necessarily the one I wanted."

As far as taking an active role in Trump's campaign or speaking on his behalf, Rubio does not envision that happening.

"I would just say that I think Donald Trump would be best served by having people out there working on his behalf that agree with him on these public policies and that are enthusiastic about his campaign and enthusiastically support the things he has stood for,'' he said. "My reservations about him have been clearly stated and they remain unchanged."

However, Rubio affirmed that the most obvious way to support Trump would be to vote for him in his home state of Florida.

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"As a candidate for president I signed a pledge to support our nominee, and so that's what I intend to do,'' he said.

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