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Marc Anthony: Rumored Smith affair 'laughable'

Marc Anthony said he and Jada Pinkett Smith were no more than friends, and says rumors like this have a hurtful effect on their families.
/ Source: E!online

In an exclusive interview with "Nightline," Marc Anthony opened up about his current divorce with A-list celebrity Jennifer Lopez. And although he couldn't pinpoint "what went wrong," he was able to reassure us that an affair was not to blame.

And yes, that includes the rumored one with Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Stories were flying around the media saying the singer got a little too close and comfortable with his "HawthoRNe" costar, so when ABC News' John Quinones asked about it, Anthony made sure to set the record straight.

"When something like that happens, it's laughable. We were laughing, like 'Wow'," he said. "We've been friends for years. Jada, Jennifer, me, him, for years...."

We're sure the word of Will Smith and Jada separating only added fuel to this fire, but it's just not true. And even though Anthony brushed it off, there is one aspect to this whole idea that rubs him the wrong way.

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"What bothers me is the effect it has on family, to Will and Jada's, and their children, and their relatives, and their loved ones."