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Why mystery man shoveled Boston Marathon finish line: ‘It holds a special place’ in our hearts

Once Chris Laudani was done with his shoveling during Tuesday's blizzard in Boston, he felt there was one more important spot that had to be cleared out: the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

"It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision,'' Laudani told Tamron Hall of his good-deed-gone-viral.

Laudani's act was captured in a photo posted on Twitter by by Philip Hillman, a local man staying in a hotel right above the finish line. The picture soon went viral and had everyone searching online for #whoshoveledthefinishline, which was news to Laudani, a bartender at nearby Back Bay Social Club, because he does not have a Twitter account. 

"The city was pretty buried, and the finish line is my favorite spot in the whole city, so I wanted to go down there and dig it out because I don't think it deserves to be covered in snow. Obviously, it holds a special place in everyone in Boston's heart. 

"To me, it was more about the spirit of the Boston Marathon and the incredible amount of encouragement and positivity that surrounds the event and just how much people, including myself, love the race." 

Chris Laudani walking to the finish line, captured by Philip Hillman.Today
Chris Laudani at the finish line.Today
Chris Laudani explains why he shoveled the race's finish line.Today

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