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Man takes doppelganger selfie after meeting twin stranger on a plane

Two men on a flight bound for Ireland took a selfie together after realizing they looked nearly identical.
/ Source: TODAY

When photographer Neil Thomas Douglas boarded a flight on Thursday night and glimpsed the stranger sitting next to him, it was like looking into a mirror.

The man had the same bushy beard and red hair as well as nearly identical clothing, making him a doppelganger for Douglas as they flew on Ryanair to Galway, Ireland, from Glasgow, Scotland. Naturally, the two men took a selfie of their striking resemblance, which was posted on Twitter by Lee Beattie, a friend of Douglas' wife.

"When I got on the Ryanair flight, there was a dude already on my seat — when the guy looked up, I thought: 'He looks like me,''' Douglas told London's Evening Standard. "We had a big laugh about it — everyone around us had a laugh, we took a selfie and that was it."

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Except that wasn't it. In an eerie coincidence, the other man was also staying at the same hotel in Galway. The two ended up sharing a beer at a local pub.

"Later that night, I went to the pub and again, there was my twin,'' Douglas told the Evening Standard. "Total weirdness. We had a laugh and a pint."

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Beattie's Twitter post also inspired other lookalikes to post pictures that also bear a strong resemblance to the two men.

The phenomenon of finding a long-lost doppelganger has become known as searching for "twin strangers." Another recent example is Cordelia Roberts and Ciara Murphy, a pair of college students who met while studying abroad in Germany and look nearly identical. There is even a Twin Strangers Facebook page to help people find their lookalikes anywhere in the world.

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TODAY wants you to find your own "twin stranger" and is going to bring together a few lucky people and their "twin strangers" on the plaza. Head to this link to sign up for your own Twin Strangers account, and we'll be in touch if we're interested in featuring you and your match!

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