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By Randee Dawn

There are trick shots, and then there are trick shots. And thanks to the power of personal video cameras, YouTube and a lot of free time, we've seen some amazing ones lately, from an Oreo dunk to golf putts to a science teacher's half-court sinker.

And then there's Kevin Libertowski. In this amazing short video, he sinks two basketballs into the same distant net, all while doing flips on a trampoline!

Holding one basketball between his knees, the shirtless young man does a flip, lofts a second ball toward a distant net, does another flip, takes the other basketball out and hurls that at the backboard. Both go in, virtually simultaneously.

Kevin Libertowski.Davren Sihama / YouTube

And his chest-banging celebration for the unique trick is pretty glorious, too.

It's an amazing shot, but it's really just the start for Libertowski. Check out his YouTube page to see many others!

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