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By Ree Hines

When Rob Anderson learned about a U.S. Army veteran living on the streets of Las Vegas who "just wanted to make people smile, even if they didn't give him any money," he wanted to check out the situation for himself. But his first action upon meeting Alan McKracken didn't make anyone smile.

Anderson took McKracken's sign, which read, "Homeless trying to get by/Anything helps/God bless," and drew on a few dollar signs before asking, "Does that help?"

Adding perceived insult to injury, Anderson then tore the sign to bits. But then things took a twist.

McKracken, looking for the best in his fellow man, asked if Anderson was about to do some sort of trick and turn the torn up sign into "a wad of money."

What a guess! As it turned out, Anderson's a street magician and that's precisely what he did. 

As cash dropped from McKracken's renewed sign, the vet said, "That's so cool!" But things soon got even cooler.

When Anderson uploaded the video, he also set up a GoFundMe page for McKracken

"I am starting this fund for Alan to provide him with an apartment in Las Vegas for 6 months, food, new clothes that he can wear to job interviews, other basic necessities, and to set up a bank account for his new life," Anderson wrote.

By Friday, those touched by McKracken's story and Anderson's good deed had raised over $20,000 toward that goal. 

And there's more good news:

"Alan has been able to get assistance in temporarily getting off the streets through the VA here in Las Vegas," Anderson wrote in an update on Thursday. "He is currently sleeping on a bunk bed in a room with 3 other veterans, and has his meals and other basic necessities provided by the VA. When I spoke with him, he had his usual positive attitude about his situation, and is optimistic about his search for a job now that he has temporary housing provided for him." 

Talk about magic!

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