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Man jumps nearly 20 feet to world record

Florida resident Robert Souris — dressed as superhero "Zero G" — unofficially sets a new world record for the longest flip.
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Robert Souris unofficially set a new world record Monday for the longest flip.

He sailed through the air to 19 feet, six inches, which breaks the previous record by four inches. Souris wore a superhero costume, "Zero G", which stands for zero gravity. It's a comic book character he created. "The idea is that I can embody my own character, he's called Zero G because he defies gravity, and that's what I aim to do," Souris said. His aim was true. The record was set after several attempts failed to break 19' 2". An audience of kids and gymnastic enthusiasts watched and cheered every attempt at Triple Threat Gymnastics Center in Davie, Florida. Souris said in a nation of couch potatoes, he's trying to make a point to kids that it's one thing to make a character flip in a video game, but it's far better to do it yourself.