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Makeup musts for fall

The change of the seasons is a great time to energize, be creative, and have fun with your style. “Today” contributor and makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares some tips to help you create your new look for fall.
/ Source: TODAY

The look this fall seems to be anything goes — from sexy and romantic to ultra-mod! “Today” beauty editor and makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares a sneak peek at some of the latest makeup looks, inspired by fall fashions and some of today’s and yesterday’s superstars.


The big trend for fall makeup is that anything goes! Colors you traditionally associate with spring — like pink, peach or lilac — are making a big statement this season. You can expect to see a reincarnation of Mod — although not as extreme as the ’60s. The nude look is also a trend-setter this season. And the idea that matte is the only texture to wear for fall is a thing of the past. Makeup textures now range from high-gloss and shimmery to soft matte.

There are some fall trends that come back year after year because they’re so classic. The red lip is a timeless look and what makes it fresh this time around is that you’re not just limited to one finish. It can have a really opaque, matte finish; a shimmery look; or be as subdued as a stain. Eyes and eye shadow are always big for fall, but this year it’s not just about a smoky eye done in charcoal. We’re going to see eyes defined in neutral skin tone colors; in offbeat colors like blues, plums, and greens; and in bronzed metallics. What all the eye looks have in common is that they’re really smudged out and softened. There are no harsh edges or lines.

The change of the seasons is a great time to energize, be creative, and have fun with your style. After wearing minimal makeup during the summer, it’s nice to have a more polished look for fall. This season’s shades blend seamlessly with skin, making it easier than ever to create a polished look that’s warm, creamy, and totally nude. Nudes are flattering and sexy because they enhance a woman’s true beauty and really let it show through.

With so many makeup choices and fewer rules about “what’s in” vs. “what’s out,” this is a great time to experiment with creating different makeup looks to complement different fashion trends. What you do on your face should relate to what you’re wearing because style is about both beauty and fashion working together.


1. The Nude Look:

The monochromatic nude look uses neutral shades on eyes, cheeks and lips. The eyes are dusted in soft matte neutrals, the cheeks are warm and creamy, and the lips are slicked in a shade that looks like your own lip color taken up a notch. The nude look is flattering on almost anyone because it’s about using your complexion as the guide for the makeup shades that you pick. The end result is a look that’s warm, creamy, and polished.

2. The Sweet Romantic Look:

This look is all about flushed shades on cheeks and lips and pretty shimmer on eyes. It’s the perfect complement to a girly outfit that has feminine details like lace and ribbons. The colors on the eyes are neutral, but you can try a shimmery eye shadow to give them more texture. When shopping for shimmery makeup formulas, look for ones that are sheer enough to let skin show through. Anything that’s too opaque or frosted looks dated. For her cheeks, try a pinky color that will enhance your “natural flush,” and on the lips a rosy or plum color to give that “just-kissed” look.

3. The Modern Mod Look:

This look plays up the eyes without the heaviness that eye makeup had in the ’60s. In the ’60s, women had heavy black on their eyelids and super white lips (remember those pictures of Twiggy?). Today’s look is a little softer, less hard around the edges. Rather than using pure black shadow and liner, choose a deep brown/black color. To get the fake eyelashes look, brush on two coats of a really rich black mascara. Or, if you’re a really makeup pro, you can try doing individual lashes, but that’s not necessary. Try a neutral blush on the cheek to give a healthy look. And on lips, instead of taking away color, try enhancing your own lip color.

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