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Lucky’s fashionable guide to online holiday shopping

Looking for unique, fun gifts? Lucky magazine shares secrets to shopping for the perfect presents for everyone on your holiday list.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for unique, fun gifts? Lucky magazine shares secrets to shopping for the perfect presents for everyone on your holiday list:


Baggubag.comThis company has the simplest premise ever — and they're masterful at it. Essentially, they turn out these nylon totes which fold down to nothing (and weigh nothing), which means that you can stash them in every conceivable purse and never be in want of an extra tote, whether you're hauling shoes home from work or stopping at the deli on your way home from work. They also do little zip totes which are great for travel — in every conceivable color.Bags, $6.00-$20.00; This is another great option for women and families that are on the go-and who travel a lot. The bobble is brilliant-it has a charcoal filter built into the top, so you can fill it anywhere —including on the other side of airport security, and you'll have perfectly filtered water. Not only is it totally eco-friendly, but it's a great way to save money on bottled water.Water Bottles, $8.95-$12.95;
Now it's time to get to the fun stuff! Asos is a huge British chain that recently arrived on U.S. shores and it's a stellar resource for really great, on-trend, high-fashion pieces at affordable prices. They have an expansive website and there's free shipping worldwide for the holidays.Jewelry, $8.00-$18.00;

Supermarkethq.comI love this site, because it has the vibe of indie-designer powerhouse Etsy, but it's much smaller and easier to shop. Essentially, small designers sell their handmade pieces here and everything is really, really well-priced — plus you're supporting artisans in the process! I particularly love the selection of jewelry.Jewelry, $20.00-$24.00;

Beauty gift sets are always a fail-safe, much-appreciated option — and Sephora has a pretty amazing collection of gift sets that are wildly well-priced. We love these roll-on perfumes.Beauty Products, $15.00-$22.00;


A lot of basics get a bad rap for being boring, but I think a really great scarf or pair of socks or mittens is always a great gift, if only because you never want to buy it for yourself, and it's something that you can actually use — all the time! Nobody really does fun, colorful basics better than Gap.Winter Warmers, $14.50-$24.50;

Kioskkiosk.comThis is actually the website for one of our favorite stores in New York — every season, they go to a different far-flung country and buy everyday, mundane items that are really well-designed or cool. Right now, they're focusing on Japan, and a really cool range of products, including these totally gorgeous bottle openers.Bottle Openers, $14.00-$18.00;

Popchartlab.comNot to completely play into stereotypes, but most of the guys I know love beer. So get them this poster of the taxonomy of beer — so cool! Beer Poster, $25.00;

Flight001.comIt's always great to give the gift of organization, which is why, which focuses on travel-themed accessories, is such a great resource. I'm particularly obsessed with the Grid It, which is so simple and so useful — it straps down all of your essentials.Travel Accessories, $18.00-$24.00;

Trying to figure out what teens might find cool? You may as well go straight to the source — sells all sorts of music-themed merchandise that's associated with some of the best independent artists out there. Your teen will be shocked when you hand over a T-shirt from the tour of the musician Panda Bear, trust me.Concert Clothing, $17.99-$19.99;

Girlprops.comWhen it comes to fun, affordable, often hilarious jewelry, there's really no better resource than It's a total crowd pleaser.Jewelry, $5.99-$17.99; Again, this is a company that is executing something that is totally simple, so beautifully and to much acclaim. These are highly-coveted, deeply cool — and useful for class, too.Notebooks, $9.99;

Everything at this Houston-based site is designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable. And they have a stellar collection of really artful gifts for kids, like colorable place mats and farm animals made out of felt.Toys, $16.00-$25.00;

A+R Design
Based out of L.A., this is one of the best gift stores and sites out there — and again, they have the coolest kids’ toys, which you'll want to play with yourself! I'm particularly obsessed with the bib and the wooden robots.Toys, $8.00-$25.00; There are a lot of companies in the customizable T-shirt business, but Threadless is the best, because you can have the design of any of the artists on the site printed on your T-shirts. They have the most spot-on adorable onesies.Kids Clothing, $9.00-$18.00;