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Low maintenance pet care products for seniors

Jim Miller, editor of Savvy Senior magazine, shares ideas to help the elderly care for their furry friends.
/ Source: TODAY

Seniors love their pets! In fact, studies have shown that seniors that have pets tend to be more active, cope better with stress and have better overall physical and mental health. But for those who suffer from arthritis or other physical limitations, caring for a pet can become difficult. Jim Miller, editor of Savvy Senior, was invited on the “Today” show to discuss low-maintenance pet care helpers that can make taking care of your furry friend a little easier.

Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder
If you have trouble bending or stooping over, the automatic pet feeder feeds your pet for you. It can be programmed to feed the times you want and the amount of food you choose., 877-673-7738, large (holds 20 pounds) $90.95, medium (holds 10 pounds) $85.95, small (holds 5 pounds) $80.95

Ergo Pet Oasis Automatic Waterer
Leave your pet a reliable source of water without having to change it every day. Its aeration filter system ensures clean, fresh water., 877-673-7738, large (5 gallons) $89.95, medium (3 gallons) $83.95, small (2 gallons) $78.95

Eight Day Pet Feeder
This automatic pet feeder is ideal for small dogs and cats. A digital timer programs feeding times, ice packs below the feeder dish keep the food fresh, and a voice recording system lets you tell your pet when it’s time to eat., 877-709-3731, $79.99

Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain
This low maintenance watering system provides filtered, continuously moving fresh water that helps your pet stay healthy by enticing it to drink more water. Large 70-ounce reservoir (sold separately) cuts down on the watering, 877-709-3731, $39.95; 70-ounce reservoir, $16.95

Thermo Bowl
The answer to freezing water bowls. Just plug it in and your pet's water will remain unfrozen all winter. 877-709-3731, 96-ounce bowl, $24.50

LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box
A litter box that cleans itself so you don’t have to. It automatically rakes waste into a sealable container 10 minutes after use. Detachable litter tray makes disposal quick and easy., 888-839-9638, $159.99 

The Poop Hound
Scoop the poop into the bag without bending or stooping. Bag clip allows for an efficient, sanitary method of replacing bags., 888-839-9638, $29.99

Classic Pet Door
Features an all-weather energy-conserving flap, along with an insulated, locking cover for extra security. Can be installed into doors or walls (additional framing is required for wall installation)., 888-839-9638, $59.99

Dirt Trapper Mat 
A cotton floor mat that absorbs water, dirt and mud from dog paws to help keep your floors clean. Non-skid latex backing keeps it stable on most surfaces., 800-494-7544, $24.95

Four-Step Pet Staircase
Lightweight pet stairs make it easy for pets to climb to couches, beds, and other furniture that is otherwise difficult for them to reach. Ideal for older animals suffering from arthritis, or for seniors who have a difficult time bending over to pick up their pet., 800-321-1484, $119.95

Scat Mat
The Scat Mat trains your pet to stay off restricted areas. When an animal steps on the mat, they receive a safe but unpleasant sensation that will discourage them from coming back. Runs on one 9-volt, 888-839-9638, $39.99

Wheel-Away Pet Carrier
Now you can take your pet almost anywhere with this soft, easy-to-pull wheeled carrier that converts to a backpack, a car seat and a bed. Has a multi-stage telescopic handle, and comfortably holds pets up to 30 pounds., 888-839-9638, $59.99