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Looking for a way to support the troops?

Whether you’re for or against this war — the truth remains that hundreds of thousands of our men and women are on the frontlines. If you’re looking for a way to support our troops and provide homefront support, click here.

If you’re looking for a way to support our troops and provide homefront support, read below.


Because of the threat of anthrax after 9/11, the Department of Defense has suspended its practice of forwarding mail from Americans to “any service member” — so unfortunately, care packages sent to generic addresses (and from non-family members) will not be forwarded. However, they have a Web site “Defend America” that will allow you to send an e-card to a member of the U.S. military. The card has the message, “Thank you for defending our freedom.” Click here to send an e-card.

Also, “Operation Dear Abby” will allow you to send electronic messages of support and gratitude today. Along with the Department of Defense and the Department of the Navy’s Lifelines2 000 Services Network, Dear Abby established a private, secure online resource, which allows individuals to select from one or all branches of the military. Click here to go to “Operation Dear Abby.”


The United Service Organization is also offering a unique way for individuals and corporations to let our nation’s defenders know we haven’t forgotten them. “Operation USO Care Package,” enables individuals to write a personal message and financially support care packages that will be delivered to service members participating in operations. Call 1-866-USO-GIVE for more details or go to their website.

If you want to donate money, there are many organizations that help military families. Each of the branches of the armed services has a military relief society that offer low interest loans and other emergency financial assistance to military families: Army Emergency Relief,Navy/Marine Relief Society,Air Force Aid Society and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.


Offer your time and resources as an individual, organization, or business to give families of deployed troops help with activities such as household repairs, spring cleanings, and yard work or specialized skills such as financial planning or legal advice. Volunteer by contacting a local chapter of any of the following organizations: American Legion, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, BPO Elks of the USA, Camp Fire USA, National 4-H Headquarters, National Fraternal Congress of America, The Salvation Army, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and YMCA of the USA. Click here to learn more.

Volunteer with one of the youth serving organizations helping to tutor or take care of children while a parent or caregiver is stationed away from home. Some of these organizations include the Boys and Girls Clubs of America,Camp Fire USA,National 4-H Headquarters, and YMCA of the USA.


Also, you can help them by fostering their pets. Some deployed officers can’t take care of their pets, and NetPets.Org will house, nurture and care for the dogs, cats and birds for all the Military and other personnel.


If you can’t help a current troop member, what about those who served in previous wars and operations? Think about sharing your time and compassion with a veteran at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital or other facility.


Can’t donate or volunteer time? Just forward this page to your friends. Pass along this information because other people might be able to help out. Also, just reminding them of the sacrifice by our men and women helps people stay aware of the fact that war has a human face.

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