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Longtime Cubs fans rejoice in World Series win after a lifetime of waiting

The grandchildren of long-suffering Chicago Cubs fan are posting photos of their loved ones celebrating a World Series win 108 years in the making.
/ Source: TODAY

These Chicago Cubs fans waited a lifetime for that victory, long enough to have witnessed virtually everything life has to offer — except a World Series title.

Now their bragging rights are complete.

Numerous grandchildren of elderly Cubs fans have posted to social media to show their loved ones reacting to the hard-fought 10-inning win with as much spunk and enthusiasm of fans half their age.

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“We won the World Series. I don’t believe it. I didn’t think we could do it! Oh my goooooooooooosh!” one woman screamed in a video her grandson posted to Twitter.

The last time these long-suffering fans got to see their team play in the World Series was in 1945, but the Cubs haven’t won a title in more than a century, not since 1908 to be precise.

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Thus, the shock and excitement being shared on social media by different generations of Cubs fans. Many of the photos have been posted as tributes to their loved ones.

One man on social media tweeted a photo of his grandmother, who has been going to Chicago games "since Ernie" — Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, arguably most famous Cub of all time, who died in 2015.

"At 93, you gave her and others her age what they've been waiting for their entire lives. We owe you," he wrote.

Check out some of the other reactions being shared.

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