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Lolo Jones gobbling 9,000 daily calories for bobsled team

U.S. Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is packing on the pounds — and proud of it.

“I’m the heaviest ever in my life,” she told USA Today about the 27 pounds of muscle she has gained since running in London last year, when she made headlines for her public vow to stay a virgin till marriage and her tearful reaction to critics who called her "the Anna Kournikova of track" after her disappointing fourth-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles.

Now Jones has her eyes on the American bobsled team, and hopes the extra weight will help power her way into a spot. Still three pounds away from her goal, Jones now downs 9,000 calories a day to build the bulk she desires. Her daily regimen includes two 1,365-calorie protein shakes and four double bacon cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.

Jones said she is loving the extra weight.

"My abs are still there,” she said. “I'm still cut, just super solid."