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Little Trump supporter learns she'll see him, has YUGE reaction

/ Source: TODAY

America may be divided on many issues, but if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Donald Trump has a way of eliciting some, uh, strong emotions.

If there's another, it's that it would be an understatement to say 9-year-old Ava Lovley simply "loves" Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Ava's parents posted a video of her learning that she'd be seeing Trump, her favorite politician and, well, idol, at a New Hampshire rally.

As Jason-Kim Lovley captioned the Facebook post, "Ava is a Huge Trump supporter ... She is in tears when she finds out we're going to see Mr. Trump in New Hampshire Monday."

Let's just say that that capital "H" in "Huge" — or, as Trump himself might say, YUGE — was no mistake.

"Are you SERIOUS?" Ava screams upon learning the news.

"I love you, Trump," she continues, tearing at the skin around her eyeballs and sobbing.

Since the initial post, Ava's family has also put up photos of her attending the rally, including ones of the custom "Trump Girl" shirt she made for herself.

Perhaps there might be room for Ava in a Trump cabinet. Secretary of Kids, perhaps?

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