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Little boy tries EVERYTHING to blow out his birthday candle

He blows again and again. He squints. He barks. He drools. In a video going viral on YouTube, this birthday boy tries just about everything.
/ Source: TODAY

You know what they say: If at first you don't succeed, squint very hard, bark and sort of drool.

... Wait.

In a video going viral on YouTube, a little boy tries (and tries, and tries) to blow out his birthday candle ... to no avail. When blowing doesn't work (admittedly, his technique's a bit off), he resorts to barking. And drooling.

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Though we can't be sure what happened once the recording stopped, we can only hope someone stepped in to help the birthday boy before his dessert became a waxy mess. After all, cake is worth more than your pride, little boy: Don't hurt yourself.

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If you've been taking the little things for granted recently, this will remind you that even the most mundane of tasks should be celebrated.

You got this. YOU GOT THIS.