Little boy hiccups his way through Australian national anthem at baseball game

/ Source: TODAY

As if standing up before a huge crowd and singing the national anthem at a baseball game isn't anxiety-inducing enough, just imagine trying to do it with a spontaneous and persistent case of the hiccups!

Of course, Ethan Hall doesn't have to imagine it. That's just what happened when the 7-year-old stepped up to the mic to sing "Advance Australia Fair" when the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits faced off on Friday.

Ethan barely made it through the first line of the song before the hiccups hit, but the brave boy never let it slow him down. He powered through, and earned sweet smiles from the players as he went along.

By the time he was done, there were cheers on and off the field.

In a caption posted to YouTube, the Australian Baseball League called the performance "perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem EVER SEEN."

We'll just call it amazing!

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