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Lindsey Vonn hilariously live-tweets her frustrating journey to the Olympics

The skier's long journey to South Korea got off to a difficult start.
/ Source: TODAY

Lindsey Vonn's journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics got off to a pretty rocky start, but the Team USA skier managed to make light of the situation.

While en route from Munich, Germany to Seoul, South Korea, on Wednesday, Vonn’s Lufthansa airlines flight was delayed more than six hours. Lucky for us, Vonn made use of her spare time by live-tweeting along the way.

"Apparently we don't have the right documents to fly?" Vonn wrote, adding that she'd been sitting on the plane at that point for two hours.

She decided to kill the time by responding to fans on social media, and replying to a tweet from Jimmy Fallon that asked followers why they're still single. Her cheeky response? "I only have eyes for the Olympics."

Vonn also shared a somewhat embarrassing anecdote with fans, revealing that the passenger sitting next to her tried to take a photo of her on the flight, and his flash went off.

Her advice for him? Next time, just ask first!

The champion skier expressed mock frustration over the delay after having to get off the plane and wait for a new one to arrive. She involved fans, jokingly asking them to predict how long her journey to Seoul would take.

When she finally boarded another flight later on and eventually landed safely, Vonn shared a photo of her and her adorable dog, Lucy, who undoubtedly made the trip a bit more entertaining.

"(After) a total of 24 hours of travel, we are finally here ... can't wait for the opening ceremonies tomorrow!" she wrote.

The 2010 gold medalist is returning to the Olympics after having to sit out the 2014 games due to a knee injury.

For her sake, we hope Vonn's experience at the Olympics goes a lot smoother than her flight there!