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Lindsay Lohan's father arrested again in US

The estranged father of actress Lindsay Lohan will be held in a Tampa hospital overnight for observation, hours after his second domestic violence-related arrest this week.
/ Source: The Associated Press

The estranged father of actress Lindsay Lohan will be held in a Tampa hospital overnight for observation, hours after his second domestic violence-related arrest this week.

Michael Lohan has been admitted to Tampa General Hospital for observation, police said, following a jump from a third-floor balcony in an attempt to escape from authorities early Thursday morning.

Lohan "apparently leaped up from his balcony and grabbed ahold of the roof (about 30 feet (10 meters)) until he thought he was hanging over the top of the next balcony," according to a report by Tampa Police officer J. Ladd, who responded to the call. The report said Lohan let go but missed the balcony, then came "crashing down on top of wooden high chairs that were laying on the ground."

After a short chase, officers arrested Lohan.

This was the second encounter with Florida officers this week. On Tuesday, the 51-year-old Lohan was arrested on domestic violence charges involving Kate Major, his 28-year-old girlfriend who is also a former reporter for the Star tabloid.

Police say he grabbed Major and pushed her down multiple times at her Tampa apartment during a daylong argument.

A Tampa judge released Lohan on $5,000 bail Wednesday morning and told Lohan that he should not have any contact with Major at all.

"If you even dream about her and you violate my order, you will go to jail," Judge Walter Heinrich said, noting that Major had filed a restraining order against Lohan.

When Lohan was released from jail Wednesday evening, he held an impromptu news conference in the jail parking lot. There, Lohan said he "didn't do anything" and the charges were Major's way of making money by selling her story to media outlets.

According to a police report, Wednesday night's contact began a few hours later. Lohan sent his friend and trainer David Dominique to Major's apartment to pick up his personal belongings, police said. A report said Lohan initially called Major to speak with Dominique, and Major told him that he wasn't supposed to call.

After Dominique left, Lohan called back seeking to work things out with Major. "He sounds extremely intoxicated," Major told the emergency services dispatcher.

"He sounded very out of it. And I found out he was doing steroids," she said, adding that Lohan asked for a bag he hid in the bathroom.

"You're harassing me again," Major told Lohan before hanging up to call police.

According to Ladd's report, he and his fellow officer were gathering information and listening to messages left by Lohan on Major's answering machine when Lohan called again from his cell.

"We had the victim put the phone on speaker when she answered. During this conversation (Lohan) kept asking things like "how can we work things out, where you moving to, you know I didn't threaten you, I didn't throw the remote at you I threw it at the floor," Ladd wrote.

The officers eventually whispered to Major to hang up and to tell Lohan not to call again, which she did.

Lohan called again, but Major did not pick up.

After the balcony fall and the foot pursuit, officers arrested Lohan and took him to the Hillsborough County Jail. Deputies suspected he may have broken his foot when he jumped off the balcony, so he was then taken to Tampa General Hospital.

Authorities said he will be returned to the jail once he's been cleared by doctors.

Lohan appeared on season 5 of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." He told police this week that he moved to Tampa to get away from the publicity surrounding his celebrity daughter Lindsay — who has had numerous run-ins with the law herself in Los Angeles and is currently performing court-ordered community service in the L.A. County morgue for a probation violation.

She also reportedly posed for Playboy this week.


Associated Press writer Laura Wides-Munoz contributed to this report from Miami.


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