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Levi Johnston goes nuts in new TV ad

The ex-boyfriend of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter makes his acting debut in a commercial for pistachios, poking fun at himself in the process.
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It's back to work for Levi Johnston, the ex-boyfriend of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol — and father of Bristol's son Tripp. In January he quit his oil field job over questions about his eligibility to work in an electrical apprenticeship program.

A high school dropout, Johnston, 19, is now starring in a TV commercial for the Wonderful brand of pistachios.

In the spot, he is shown sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with a map of his home state, escorted by a bodyguard and dealing with paparazzi — one of whom inquires, "How's the baby?"

As Johnston cracks open a nut, a voiceover intones, "Now Levi Johnston does it with protection."