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Layer it on for summer with these looks

Stay cool during the day and warm in the evening with functional outfits. Stacy London of TLC's “What Not To Wear” presents stylish, functional outfits.
/ Source: TODAY

Cold, hot, and then cold again ... with the weather so unpredictable, we often have a hard time getting dressed. How can you make an outfit special and chic, while making sure you are prepared for the weather at the same time? It's all about layering, taking separate items and adding them together to make a great outfit. TODAY fashion expert Stacy London and co-host of TLC's “What Not To Wear” explains how to wear layers.

Layering weekend attire
It's perfectly acceptable to wear jeans and a tunic on the weekend with a flip-flop, wedge or an espadrille — that makes a lovely outfit. But how do you make something more visually interesting? If you're adding layers, you may be concerned that one piece makes the outfit, and when you take off that chic coat you'll no longer be stylish. So instead of doing just the tunic and wedge or flip-flop, put something underneath the tunic.

This season we are seeing a lot of floret tops that are three-dimensional. The idea for this top is that, unlike a simple tank top, it's a cute blouse on its own. People tend to think that wearing a tunic gives more coverage, but the only way they work is by adding a belt to make sure that we see a defined waistline. Finally, the last layer, which is very chic, is a linen-blended trench worn open or closed. Also, dark denim wash jeans are more flattering than any other wash and they visually slim your thighs.

Top: Tory Burch, $95; jeans: “James” jeans, $185; green tunic: H&M, $29.90; shoes: “Steven,”, $132.95; trench: Old Navy, $39.50, brown belt: Club Monaco, $59; earrings: SBG Designs; bracelets: SBG Designs

Layering evening attire
Skin is in. And if you have a petite frame, layers should fit close to your body, especially if you have great legs and arms.

Here's a smart way to do a mini skirt and a bustier that looks great, and is very sexy for nighttime. First, bustiers by themselves are tricky, so it's more flattering to layer them. When you add a ruffled blouse on top, you want to be able to see the bustier, so it doesn't look like a bra. This is a smart solution to adding layers without adding a ton of bulkiness.

Or try a tiny vest to give a more modernized look on a petite frame. Plus, you won't look like you are drowning in your clothing, and you'll look sexy! Add a great fitted jacket and hat, which are symbols of the season. Now, when the temperature drops 5-10 degrees, you will be prepared. Bustier: Forever 21, $19.80; mini skirt: Macy's I.N.C., $59; white ruffled top: Benetton, $69; gray vest: Alara; black peep-toe shoes: “Oh Dear!,”, $118.95; jacket: Uniqlo, $59.50; purse: Andrea Brueckner; black hat: Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute; silver chains: Zoë Chicco

Layering work attire
Wearing just a blouse and a skirt to work is appropriate, but when it's 80 degrees outside and your office is 40 degrees, you need to be prepared. Please don't grab the granny sweater off the back of your desk chair to stay warm, go for something that is thin enough for you to wear in and out of the office.

Add a great leather jacket and this becomes a great work outfit and still gives a sexy feeling. It is very modern as well and can easily take you from day to evening. The pieces have great use value — beautiful for work and great for cocktails after work. Blue pencil skirt: Cynthia Steffe, $176; striped gray and white blouse: Gap, $39.50; creme sweater: Gap, $39.50; red shoes: “Oh Dear!,”, $68.95; jacket: Generra, $695; brown purse: Rafe, $550; gold cuff and brown and turquoise earrings: Alexis Bittar