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Late for work! Savannah Guthrie live-tweets mad dash to Studio 1A

Between a red-eye flight and traffic from the airport, she didn't quite make it to start the show with Matt Lauer.
/ Source: TODAY

As they say, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

Savannah Guthrie understands that all too well this morning! Having landed in New York after taking a red-eye flight from the West Coast, she had to battle morning rush hour traffic to try to get to Studio 1A for the live opening of TODAY.

Savannah Guthrie, showing no signs of her last-minute dash to the studio on Tuesday, with Matt Lauer.TODAY

And OK, she didn't quite make it on time. But she kept us entertained on the whole journey in the back seat of her taxi cab.

Come along for the ride!

It all began just past 6 a.m., when her plane landed. An hour to get from the airport to 30 Rock? It can be done! We think:

Fortunately, Savannah's trusty make-up artist Mary is on board with her massive makeup kit:

But traffic's bad (which is axiomatic if you live in the New York City area):

Time becomes an increasing issue as the minutes tick by. It's now 6:26 and the show starts at 7!

The MacGyver-ing of Savannah Guthrie begins, as she wants to look presentable on the air, which means ...

Starting to worry a bit more, Savannah tries getting in touch with the driver:

And returns to her jury-rigging of the hair and makeup process. It's amazing what you can do when you're forced to be creative!

Well, it's just over 15 minutes until the start and she hasn't even crossed over into Manhattan so by now reality is setting in: Savannah is probably going to be late to work!

At last! She's finally crossing over the water. Or rather, under since it's the Midtown Tunnel:

The end in sight, Savannah warns her co-workers that she's a little less than ideally fresh for the morning:

A slight setback, however, as her driver bobbles the ball:

The TODAY Twitter account jumps in to let Savannah know they'll keep the seat warm for her, but they have to get started!

Fortunately, the cab arrives at the studio just a little bit late ... and Savannah has one more tweet for us before she jumps on the air:

All's well that ends well, and truthfully, we'd have never known you had your makeup and hair done in the back of a cab if you hadn't told us. Looking good, Savannah — thanks for taking us on the ride!

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