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Last-minute Father's Day gifts

Okay ladies, this one is for you. If you’re struggling to find something to buy your husband, dad or even grandfather for Father’s Day, have we got the goods for you. Leslie Gatti, founder of The Pink Puppy has some unique, inexpensive and last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Okay ladies, this one is for you. If you’re struggling to find something to buy your husband, dad or even grandfather for Father’s Day, have we got the goods for you. Leslie Gatti, founder of The Pink Puppy has some unique, inexpensive and last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Under $50
Matching swimming trunks/polo shirts      $10.80 - $29.50
Guaranteed to make waves! Whether your dad has a young son or daughter, bathing suits and polo shirts are adorable. If your dad has a son, try these father/son, matching swimming trunks on for size. Swimming trunks found at: Old Navy, The Gap, Khol's Department Store. If your dad has a daughter try these father/daughter matching polo shirts. They come in a variety of colors and on Father's Day can look so cute! Polo shirts found at Old Navy, The Gap.

Children's books  Stack of five: $21      This is a perfect gift for dad or even granddad!  Barnes & Nobels, Borders Books, even Target and Walmart have children's books.

Perfect for a dad or grandfather to read to their child/grandchild before going to bed or just looking for that one-on-one alone time. Stack four or five books and tie with a ribbon and you're set!

Stack of five books:                            -“Daddy & Me”-“Daddy's Girl”-“I Love My Daddy”-“The Very Best Daddy of All”

Plus, the cutest thing is "Grandpa's Briefcase." It's a pullout book and each page contains items from a briefcase. Children's books found at: Barnes & Nobels, Borders Books, Target, Walmart.

Grooming products: The tool kit     $40
If your dad is doing some "body" work -  then you're going to need a toolkit to get the job done right. 

This gift set includes:-Glycolic Facial Cleanser-Eye Cream-Hair Gel-Mud Scrub Bar-Shaving Cream

A portion of the proceeds go to prostate cancer research. The tool kit found at: Sephora or

Backpack beach chair                $17.99
The 3-in-1 backpack beach chair redefines style and function in beach accessories. The generously-sized chair beaks the mold with a featherweight steel frame design and armrests that transform into padded backpack shoulder straps enabling users to carry other necessities while searching for that "perfect spot."

The protective cover contains an oversized pouch that can store clothing, snacks, money and other valuables out of sight, while the lower, insulated pouch provides an unexpected portable cooler that can keep up to six soda cans ice cold. A foam pillow adjusts for individualized comfort and support.

A patented one step closing mechanism makes for easy transportation. Durable stitched nylon binding on the edges prevents fraying. Padded arm rests provide comfort and support and convert to backpack straps for maximum portability. Backpack beach chair can be found at: Eddie Bauer

Father's Day gifts $60-$100:
Weather tech wireless forecaster          $99.95
With one quick glance, dad gets a weather report customized for his exact location. The forecaster predicts weather 12-20 hours in advance. It shows indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Plus a moon phase, heat index and dew point. Perfect for the dad who's on the road or headed for his golf game, or even a grandfather. Weather Tech Wireless Forecaster can be found at:

iPod digitial FM transmitter             $79.95
Take your iPod for a spin on an FM radio staion and keep it charged up along the way. Why fumble with CDs when you can play your iPod in the car on any FM radio station. Simply tune your car radio to any clear FM station, tune the transmitter to the same station, hit play on your iPod and you're ready to roll! iPod digital FM transmitter can be found at: The Apple Store

Wireless/hands free headrest for car cell phone
$99Cell phone speaker/microphone lets you talk hands-free with crystal clear reception. The separate speaker and retractable microphone combination easily installs unobtrusively under your car's headrest so that you can listen and talk on your cell phone with complete freedom of movement and safety. Fits in all cell phones with headset jack. Wireless/hands free headset can be found at: Brookstone (

Emergency tool kit                        $80
Hit the road with confidence. This kit contains every essential emergency tool you could think of. It's perfect for commutters, travelers and students.

Kit includes:-28-piece first aid kit-Emergency light-Jumper cables-Reflector triangle-Digital tire gauge-Lug wrench-Flat head and phillips screwdrivers

Emergency tool kit found at: Brookstone (

Splurge items
Wireless/weather proof speakers           $149.95

Giving dads the ability to enjoy music, radio or TV outside your hope on your deck or porch, in the yard or pool even your driveway basketball court. The speakers can be placed up to 150 away from the radio, TV, etc. Volume can be adjusted by using the controls on each speaker or the wireless remote. Speakers can be found at: Discovery Store (

Digital picture frame    $249.95
Digital picture frame that displays photos on a clear, bright 6.8" LCD flat screen using your digital camera's memory card. Simply insert your memory card into the frame and view one picture or a scrolling slide show. No PC or Internet connection needed. Digital picture frame can be found at: Discovery Store (

Mr. Handyman gift certificate $10-$200
Soaring adventure gift certificate
iTunes gift certificate
Gift certificates always work.

-For the dad who never has time for the "to do" list, a gift certificate for "Mr. Handyman" is perfect. Mr. Handman will arrive at your home with toolbox in hand and take care of everything on your "to do" list. Can be found at: Mr.

-For the adventure dad: Soaring adventures of America is perfect for the adventure dad. Nothing is more fun for your dad than listing off slowly in the gondola of a beautiful hot air balloon, or soaring quietly in a glider all for the adventure dad. Can be found at:

-For the dad who loves his iPod: Gift certificate to download music from iTunes. You can decide the amount, anywhere from $10-$200, and have it emailed to anyone within minutes. Can be found at: The Apple Store