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'Kramer' apology not enough?

Two black men who were among the targets of a racial rant by Michael Richards say they don't think the  comedian's apology is sincere.

One of the men who was the target of a racial epithet-laden tirade by Michael Richards says the comedian’s apology rings hollow.

Kyle Doss said Wednesday on the “Today” show that if the former “Kramer” star had truly been sorry, he could have contacted someone in the group instead of apologizing on TV.

"He apologized on camera just because the tape got out," Doss said. "He could have contacted me easily. He could have got a hold of me and apologized but he didn’t."

Doss and another man, Frank McBride, appeared on “Today” to talk about how they were taken aback when Richards launched into a racially charged diatribe last week at a Los Angeles comedy club. Their attorney suggested Richards should offer them compensation.

The two men, who are black, said they were among a larger, racially mixed group who went to the club to celebrate a friend’s 26th birthday. Doss said the group arrived late and Richards apparently took offense that his act was interrupted.

"The first thing he said was, 'Oh, all the blacks and Mexicans are here,'" Doss said.

At one point, Doss said he heckled Richards, telling the comedian he wasn’t funny. “He looked at me and flipped me off and said, ‘F U 'n' word,’” Doss recounted. “I didn’t respond to it. I was in shock. I was like, what? And it kept going on.”

According to Doss, Richards also said, “When I wake up I’m still going to be rich, but when you wake up you’re still going to be an ‘n’ word.”

McBride said several people in the audience took offense to the verbal barrage. "There was a lot of people that walked out. There was a lot of people that were in disgust about it," McBride said.

Richards’ expletive-filled tirade made headlines after a video of the incident was posted on the Internet.

'Deeply sorry'Richards, best known for his portrayal of the wacky neighbor Kramer in the mega-hit series “Seinfeld,” apologized for his behavior in an interview Monday night via satellite on David Letterman’s “Late Show.”

"I got heckled and took it badly and went into a rage," he said, adding, "I am not a racist! That's what's so insane about this. For me to be on stage, and flip out and say this stuff, I'm deeply, deeply sorry."

Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing Doss and McBride, said she wants a retired judge to sit down with Richards and the two men to determine if the three-time Emmy winner should pay them for "the pain that he has inflicted on them as a result of his racist words."

"If our children took a  rock and threw it through the window of a next-door neighbor, we would say to that child, ‘Go to the neighbor, apologize directly to the neighbor and pay the cost of that window that you broke,'" Allred said. "We think it’s important that he follow his words with deeds."