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Knock, knock! It's the style expert

No time to shop? Stacy London of TLC's “What Not to Wear” has the lowdown on the latest style services for women and men on-the-go.
/ Source: TODAY

Most of us have fond — or maybe not so fond — memories of getting sick and having the doctor come straight to our home. While those days might be long gone, the latest trend in style is just that — services that come right to your home or office. Stacy London, “Today” fashion expert and co-host of TLC's “What Not To Wear,” set up one crazed couple, Alison and Andy, with cutting-edge style services right in their offices. Here's more information of these on-call style experts:

Kathlin Argiro, dress designer
Designer Kathlin Argiro has just launched a new service called “Style Me Chic.” It is designed to be the ultimate personal shopping experience for today's uber-busy women that don't have time to shop. This unique service includes a phone consultation with an expert who works with you to determine your wardrobe needs, style preferences and sizing. The phone conversation is followed by a personal appointment with the expert, who brings dresses to you so you can shop in the privacy and comfort of your home or office with the luxury of a personal style expert on hand to help you decide what looks best on you. And shows you how to integrate your new pieces into your existing wardrobe to achieve the maximum number of stylish looks that compliment your lifestyle.

Clients have the choice of buying in-stock dresses that range in price from $200 to $300 on average or you can customize the dresses by mixing and matching fabrics, colors and trims for an average price range of $250-400. Argiro's collection is currently focused on dresses because she feels that they provide women with an effortless way to look very stylish and professional. Argiro is launching in New York City and plans to offer the concept in cities throughout the country.

Victoria Jacknow, make-up artist and eyebrow/eyelash specialist
Victoria Jacknow has been working as a makeup artist in television, print and runway in New York City for over 7 years. She has become well known for her eyebrow grooming technique which she offers to her clients in the comfort of their home or office. As an added in-home service she is offering eyelash extensions, makeup lessons, consultation and application.

Eyelash extensions are individually applied with surgical adhesive and with proper care and maintenance can last up to 2 months. As a client, you simply lay back and relax with your eyes closed. Jacknow says that most of her clients fall asleep during the process. Having the extensions applied is completely painless and because the lashes are adhered to your individual natural lashes rather than your lid, they feel totally natural. The extensions shed along with your natural lashes so “refills” are necessary every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural shed cycle. The initial visit costs $250 and refill appointments range from $50-150.

Ann Marie Hennessy, reflexologist
Revive Reflexology is a fully certified, New York City-based firm, specializing in providing “house call” reflexology treatments. The service is available wherever it is convenient for clients: homes, offices, hotels and hospitals. With 25-, 45- and 60-minute sessions there are options to suit everyone, no matter how busy. The many benefits of reflexology include increased energy levels, restoration of proper balance in the body's systems, promotion of self-healing, removal of harmful toxins and a general increase in the body's overall well-being. Revive Reflexology combines therapy and luxury, using essential oils and foot soaks for maximum pampering and relaxation. A standard 45-minute session costs $110, and a standard 60-minute session costs $135.

Tom Fitzpatrick, clothierThe Tom James Company is the world's largest manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing. The sales professionals come directly to your home or office. They plan, coordinate and maintain your wardrobe so you are perfectly attired for any situation — business, casual, social or formal. Tom James offers a complete line of custom, made-to-measure and ready-made executive apparel. You can choose from more than 500 suit fabrics and over 250 shirt fabrics. We carry all the accessories for your complete wardrobe, including 1000's of ties to choose from. A low-end custom suit runs about $800. Higher-end can run up to $5,000. Ready to wear options are also available.