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Kindhearted waiter volunteers to help customer with no hands enjoy his meal

When a disabled customer with no hands asked if someone could help him eat his meal, a server at a Mexican restaurant in Georgia was happy to help.
/ Source: TODAY

When a customer came into a Mexican restaurant in Georgia with an unusual request, a selfless waiter didn't hesitate to help him out.

A disabled man with no hands who ordered a meal at Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill in Douglasville on Sunday afternoon was hoping someone might be able to help him eat his lunch.

Server Alex Ruiz, 22, was more than happy to help as he sat opposite from the man in a booth and helped him enjoy his meal.

The heartwarming moment was captured in a photo by one of Ruiz's fellow servers, Crystal Figueroa. She posted it on the restaurant's Facebook page.

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"He's a great person,'' Figuero, 24, whose father Caparino manages the restaurant, told TODAY about Ruiz.

"He's always so nice, and the fact that he just came out of nowhere and helped a man he doesn't even know have a meal says everything. That just shows the person that he is."

One of Figueroa's friends, Reginald Widener, also witnessed the moment and posted the photo on his Facebook page.

"This seriously hit me right in the soul,'' Widener wrote. "Still good ppl (sic) in the world."

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The staff did not get the name of the man. He had never eaten in the restaurant before, according to Figueroa.

But Ruiz, who was not immediately available for comment on Monday, jumped at the chance to help.

"I just feel like people should see that there's still good people out there,'' Figueroa said. "It was just a happy moment."

"(Alex) is a really good guy, so I'm not surprised at all that he did that,'' Caparino Figueroa told TODAY.

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