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Kentucky policeman consoles grieving woman after news of sister's death

"To me, race or color should never play into any situation. It doesn't matter who you are, I'm going to help you."
/ Source: TODAY

Barbie Henderson received word of her sister's unexpected death while driving on the highway July 24.

She pulled over to call 911 and minutes later Officer John Nissen and his trainee from the Hillview Police Department in Louisville, Kentucky, were on their way.

"When I arrived, she was overcome with emotion and very distraught," Officer Nissen told "She was in no condition to drive, so I'm happy she called for help."

Once Nissen calmed her down, she told him why she was upset and then the officer asked if he could come around and sit in the passenger seat to talk to her. He turned the air vents in her direction and helped her take sips from a cold water bottle.

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He tried to distract her by asking questions about her family and where she grew up, all while she was receiving endless phone calls from family members. Nissen picked up most calls to let them know where she was and that she was in good hands.

After a little over an hour, her sister came to pick her up. He strapped her seat belt in and assured her that everything was going to be OK.

Henderson and her sister were both very thankful and gave him the biggest hugs he's ever received. He thought it was very sweet, even though he said the hug was so tight that he could barely breath.

"They were amazed that I'd take the time to help them, but I was just treating them the way I'd want my family to be treated," Nissen said.

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Later that day, artist John Tesh uploaded a photo of Henderson and Nissen to Facebook, which now has more than 1 million likes, and he referred to Nissen as "Hero of the day."

"I feel very humble and proud of what I do," Nissen said. "To me, race or color should never play into any situation. It doesn't matter who you are, I'm going to help you, or at least get the right people to help you."