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Kate Middleton lauds 'incredible work ethic' of midwives after working at hospital

The mother of three spent time following midwives on their rounds at a London hospital last month to spotlight the importance of their work.
/ Source: TODAY

The Duchess of Cambridge gained even more appreciation for the hard work and dedication of midwives after recently spending time doing the rounds with them at a London hospital.

The former Kate Middleton wrote in an open letter to midwives released by Kensington Palace on Friday that she spent time in the maternity unit at London's Kingston Hospital in November, joining midwives on their rounds and also traveling to people's homes with them.

The Duchess of Cambridge shared a sweet moment with a baby and the baby's parents during the time in November she spent at Kingston Hospital's Maternity Unit in London. Kensington Palace / via PA Images

"No matter the setting, I was continually struck by the compassion that those of you I spent time with showed, and the incredible work ethic you demonstrated on behalf of your entire profession - not only performing your rounds but working tirelessly through the night to support people that were at their most vulnerable,'' she wrote.

As a mother of three, the Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to the work of midwives in the maternity unit, but she wrote that she gained "a broader insight into the true impact you have on everybody you help."

Putting the spotlight on the unsung work of midwives and nurses is part of her emphasis on the importance of children's early years.

The former Kate Middleton spent time with nurses and midwives while they made their rounds at a London hospital. Kensington Palace / via PA Images
The mother of three spent time with staff as well as new parents to gain an even greater appreciation for the importance of midwives' work. Kensington Palace / via PA Images

"Your role in supporting this critical phase of development extends far beyond the complicated task of delivering a baby successfully,'' she wrote. "The help and reassurance you provide for parents to be and parents of newborns is just as crucial.

"It goes a long way in building parents' confidence from the start, with lifelong impact on the future happiness of their children. The early years are more critical for future health and happiness than any other moment in our lifetime."

Working with midwives is part of the Duchess of Cambridge's effort to spotlight the importance of care for children in their early years. Kensington Palace / via PA Images

The duchess, who celebrated Christmas with Prince William and her children this week, also spent time in hospital clinics and post-natal wards during her experience at Kingston Hospital.

"I was truly touched by the trust that people placed in me, sharing their experiences and voicing their fears openly,'' she wrote.

She added that it was "a real privilege" learning from them during her time at the hospital.

"You don’t ask for praise or for recognition but instead unwaveringly continue your amazing work bringing new life into our world,'' she wrote. "You continue to demonstrate that despite your technical mastery and the advancement of modern medicine, it is the human-to-human relationships and simple acts of kindness that sometimes mean the most."