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Jon Stewart says media annoyed it got scooped on Kony

/ Source: Reuters

NEW YORK ( - Jon Stewart thinks traditional reporters are a little annoyed that it took a viral video to make people pay attention to the atrocities of Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony.

Stewart first took note of the video sensation that has been tweeted by celebrities, endorsed by President Obama, and viewed millions of times.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Disney saw those numbers and did a quick John Carter re-edit," Stewart said on Monday's "Daily Show."

But he said traditional reporters from CNN's Anderson Cooper to ABC's Jake Tapper seemed perplexed that it took a viral video to make people pay attention to a story they've covered for years. He ran a montage in which they even seemed a tad annoyed.

Stewart didn't blame viewer apathy. Rather, he said, viewers have tuned out traditional news.

"It's because we stopped listening to the news media around the same time you went Princess Leia on your election coverage," he said, cutting to images of hologram-filled election coverage.