John Kerry: 'ISIS is going to be defeated. ISIS is not 10-feet tall'

/ Source: TODAY

Ahead of the nation's busiest holiday season, Secretary of State John Kerry says he knows of no "specific threat" to the U.S. — and remains confident the nation is on the path towards beating ISIS.

"I believe ISIS is going to be defeated. ISIS is not 10-feet tall," Kerry told Savannah Guthrie Monday in an exclusive interview on TODAY. "The pace has to be picked up and more needs to be done and everybody understands that."

"People need to not panic. There is a strategy in place, growing by the day," Kerry explained.

Kerry spoke from the United Arab Emirates, his first stop during his Middle East visit this week that also will include visits to Israel and the West Bank. He will meet with senior government officials to discuss the situation in Syria and a recent spate of violence in the area.

Last week Kerry met with French President Francois Hollande to discuss security efforts in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. The meeting was in preparation for Hollande’s visit to Washington to meet with President Obama.