Engaged woman murdered while jogging in DC was buried in wedding reception dress

Wendy Martinez was buried in her wedding reception dress after she was stabbed to death while jogging in Washington, D.C., just days after getting engaged.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Scott Stump

Two weeks ago, Wendy Martinez was ecstatic over a marriage proposal from boyfriend Daniel Hincapie, beaming as she showed off her new ring.

On Tuesday, Martinez, 35, was buried in a dress she had bought for their wedding.

Wendy Martinez, 35, was laid to rest in her wedding dress after being stabbed to death while out for a jog near her home in Washington, D.C. NBC Washington

The family went from planning a wedding to planning a funeral when she died after being stabbed seven times in the head, neck and back by an attacker while out for a jog in the Logan Circle area of Washington, D.C.

"I never imagined this was going to happen, and my heart is broken because my daughter was supposed to be married in two months,'' her mother, Cora Martinez, told NBC Washington. "Over the weekend we went to look for her wedding dress, so when I saw my daughter dressing up, or trying out her dress, I never imagined that she was buying the dress for her burial."

Martinez had planned to get married in Washington in December and then have another ceremony in Colombia, where Hincapie is from. The dress was for the Colombia celebration, according to the station.

"You're the happiest man in the world, engaged to the love of your life, and suddenly she's gone,'' Hincapie said at a vigil for Martinez last week.

Martinez was buried in her hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, where mourners wore bright colors to remember her vibrant legacy.

She fought for her life after being stabbed, staggering into a nearby Chinese takeout restaurant before collapsing, Chief of Police Peter Newsham said at a press conference. Patrons at the restaurant tried to revive her before she was taken to a local hospital and later pronounced dead.

Anthony Crawford, 23, was charged with first-degree murder after surveillance footage and witnesses identified him and he was apprehended at a local park, police said. No motive has yet been determined.

Martinez, who was the chief of staff for a software and data company in Washington, was an avid runner who was only three blocks from her home when she was attacked.

Her family has said they forgive Crawford.

"My heart has no room for hate, has no room for resentfulness,'' Cora Martinez said at the vigil. "I am asking my family to do the same. I am asking Daniel and her friends to do the same.

"Just let it go. Wendy’s at peace, she’s happy, and we want to follow that example."