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Joe Biden reacts to 'courage' of wife Jill defending him from protester

The vice president said his wife has "more courage than I think" after she intercepted a protester rushing the stage at a Super Tuesday rally.
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/ Source: TODAY

Dr. Jill Biden did her best Secret Service impression on Super Tuesday by intercepting a protester who rushed the stage at a campaign rally for husband Joe Biden in Los Angeles.

Joe Biden spoke with Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Thursday about the frantic moments when his wife and senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders pushed the anti-dairy protesters who tried to reach the stage.

Image: Joe Biden Holds Super Tuesday Rally
Joe Biden watches as his wife, Jill Biden, blocks a protester from arriving on stage during a primary night rally in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Getty Images

"I tell you my wife's something else, isn't she?'' he said. "I wasn't scared for me, I was worried for Jill. She is incredible.

"She did the same thing at another event in New Hampshire when a guy, I didn't even see him coming behind me, he approached me in back and she runs up and grabs him. She and my daughter have more courage than I think. Anyway, that's what I worry about, I worry about Jill."

Biden drew praise on social media for her quick reaction and protective instincts.

A security guard escorted the first protester off stage after Jill Biden stopped her, and then seconds later Biden and Sanders stopped another protester.

"I broke a nail," Sanders joked on Twitter.

The chaotic moments also raised the question of whether the former vice president needs Secret Service protection on the campaign trail as he tries to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

"I think it is becoming increasingly so,'' he said. "I don't like to pull the Trump routine of someone stands up and protests and throw them out. 'Kick the bum out,' kind of. I don't do that.

"But I do think that the idea of jumping on a stage, it's just not permissible. The last thing we need is anybody hurt."