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Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn share smooch on 'kiss cam' on Valentine's Day

The romance between the former president and his wife is still going strong after seven decades together.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Carter shared a sweet kiss on Thursday with the woman who has been his valentine for nearly 73 years.

The former president, 94, and his wife, Rosalynn, 91, popped up on the "Kiss Cam" at the Atlanta Hawks game on Valentine's Day, sharing a smooch to cheers from the crowd.

The Carters were also honored for their humanitarian efforts with a video tribute during the game by the Hawks, who lost 106-91 to the New York Knicks.

The 39th president and his wife, who have been married since July 7, 1946, have been known to pop up on the kiss cam at various sporting events in their home state of Georgia.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter from the kiss cam at the Hawks' game
Former president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, have been sharing kisses, like this one at a 1980 presidential debate, for more than seven decades. ASSOCIATED PRESS

They shared a sweet kiss at an Atlanta Braves game in 2015 and did the same at another Braves game the following season.

It's no surprise their romance endures, as it was practically love at first sight for the oldest living president and his wife. Biographer Bernard Ryan wrote in "Jimmy Carter: U.S. President and Humanitarian" that Rosalynn broke a personal rule by letting Jimmy kiss her on their first date.

The folksy couple can often be found spreading the love in public, whether it's sharing a sweet moment at a sporting event or shaking hands with every passenger before a flight.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter from the kiss cam at the Hawks' game
Jimmy Carter told Oprah Winfrey that from the beginning, Rosalynn "was the right person." Getty Images

The two lovebirds are happy to still be able to share those loving moments together after Jimmy survived a diagnosis of brain cancer in 2015.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey four years ago, he spoke about their secrets to long-lasting love, which included raising four children.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter from the kiss cam at the Hawks' game
The love story of the Carters has lasted since they tied the knot back in 1946. ASSOCIATED PRESS

"She was the right person. That's the first thing," he told Winfrey. "And then, we decided fairly early in our life to give each other plenty of space. Rosalynn has her own ideas, her own ambitions, her own goals in life, which, in some ways, are different from mine."

"I let her do her thing; she lets me do my thing. And we try to resolve our inevitable and fairly frequent differences before we go to bed at night."