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Jill Biden opens up on Joe Biden's VP search: 'I'm thrilled' he will choose a woman

Jill Biden spoke about her husband's decision on his running mate and her reaction to his plan to select a woman.
/ Source: TODAY

Dr. Jill Biden gave some insight into what husband Joe Biden is considering as he works toward choosing his running mate in the upcoming election.

Biden spoke on the 3rd hour of TODAY on Tuesday about counseling her husband of 43 years as the former vice president deliberates over whom to select as his own vice presidential running mate this fall.

"Joe really knows what he wants in a vice president certainly because he's been there and he knows how important it is that the woman he chooses will have the same values, and the same values as to how to govern this country, so that's what he's looking for," Biden told Craig Melvin.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has previously announced that his choice will be a woman. There has never been a female vice president in American history. Republican Sarah Palin (2008) and Democrat Geraldine Ferraro (1984) are the only women to ever be nominated for the position on the ticket of a major party.

"I'm thrilled that he chose a woman, so I'm looking forward to see who he chooses,'' she said.

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She also has given her input on the decision.

"We have a marriage, we talk about things," she said.

Craig also asked if California Sen. Kamala Harris, who ran against Biden as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination before ending her campaign in December, was the front-runner to join Biden's ticket.

"She's on the shortlist," Biden said before smiling. "You had to try, right?"

Biden also discussed the unusual situation of her husband having to mainly campaign from a virtual setting instead of in-person gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"He really wants to be out there talking to people personally, but right now it's too dangerous so we're just taking it step by step and listening to the docs," she said.

Biden is also sharing a slice of her husband's life as a young boy in her new children's book, "Joey: The Story of Joe Biden."

"I wanted young children to see who Joe was as a child," she said. "As a child, he was full of adventure and fun and he never refused a dare, but he was also a child who dealt with a stutter and he overcame that stutter.

"And I want the little boys and girls in America to look at Joe as a role model and know that he overcame his stuttering and look at who he is now as vice president running for president."