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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

If you have a last name that in any way pairs with a joke, people are going to make the inevitable baby name joke. Last name is Green? Name your kids Hunter, Forrest and Kelly. (Sticker magnate Lisa Frank actually does have sons named Hunter Green and Forrest Green.)

The Batmobile, at right, wants to know if it in some way offended Jessica Biel, left, who is refusing to name her someday-child after it.AP file, / Today

But for actress Jessica Biel, who's engaged to Justin Timberlake (and not pregnant, as far as we know), the joke is a little more comic-booky. As Gawker pointed out, enough people have made one particular baby-name joke to Biel that she felt she had to bust out a denial about it Thursday via Twitter.

You heard it from her: No future Biel-Timberlake offspring is going to carry the name of the Dark Knight's beloved car.

Fans loved her response. Wrote Gawker's Neetzan Zimmerman, "If this tweet doesn't guarantee Jessica Biel an Oscar, then the academy is dead to me."

On Twitter, more than 4,000 people retweeted Biel's words and 1,600 favorited it.

Wrote one fan, "Yes, 'Batmo' would have been such a stupid name especially when you could have called him 'Playmo.' " And another harkened back to an old Calista Flockhart show, posting, "How about AllyMick?"

One Gawker commenter intentionally didn't get the joke, posting, "Batmo Timberlake is a stupid name."

Have you heard any first-and-last name mixes that should never have been combined? Tell us on Facebook.

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