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'Not sure how to cope': Boyfriend of late racer remembers her with moving photos

Days after the death of racer and former "Mythbusters" star Jessi Combs, Terry Madden celebrates her life and their love.
/ Source: TODAY

Terry Madden took to Instagram last week with the sad task of informing the world that Jessi Combs, the racer and TV host once dubbed "the fastest woman on four wheels," had died at the age of 39.

Since then, Madden, who was both a member of her team and her personal partner off-course, has returned to social media again and again to celebrate her life and their love in the wake of that tremendous loss.

"Not sure how to cope. I miss my @thejessicombs so bad," he recently wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of the pair dressed as mimes.

The shot was from a trip to Las Vegas last Halloween — or, as Madden referred to it, "the single greatest night of my life" — and true to the spirit of their costumes, they remained silent throughout that evening.

"Didn’t drink a drop and on the greatest pure happiness high ever, we laughed we loved and we never said a word," he wrote in the photo's caption. "We made a bet before leaving the room on who talked first. For 5 hours we never said a word, and we knew exactly what the other was thinking, the connection was so amazing. We saw all of our friends and fans and acted out together as the perfect team as if we had rehearsed it our whole life — knowing exactly what the other was thinking to talk with people."

He recalled a cab driver who wasn't so delighted about having to figure out their destination based on a 5-minute game of charades, but mostly Madden remembered their own joy on that playful night.

"We laughed until our cheeks hurt!!!" he wrote.

It's just one of many once-private moments Madden has shared with Combs' fans and his own followers since the tragic crash that claimed her life on Aug. 27.

Each day he has shared a photo and a story about a special time they had together.

Combs was attempting to beat her own four-wheeled woman's land-speed record of 398 miles per hour, which she'd first set six years earlier, when she lost control of her jet-powered car in Oregon's Alvord Desert.

Madden was on hand for the event and witnessed the crash.

"We chose to live on the edge and enjoyed every minute of it," he wrote in another memorial post. "I just never thought it would be possible that one of us would fall."