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'Jersey Shore's' Jenni Farley calls estranged husband 'an abuser to the core'

In a lengthy statement on her website, Jenni Farley accused Roger Mathews of physically abusing her and included video that appears to show him throwing her to the ground.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenni "JWoww" Farley has leveled serious accusations against her estranged husband, whom she called "an abuser to the core."

The "Jersey Shore" star wrote a lengthy message on her website Wednesday claiming husband Roger Mathews, 43, has been physically abusive. She also shared a video that appears to show him throwing her to the ground.

Jersey Shore's JWoww calls husband 'an abuser'
Jenni "JWoww" Farley has accused estranged husband Roger Mathews of physically abusing her. Getty Images

In the statement, titled "A Message to Roger," Farley accused Matthews of a targeted harassment campaign against her as well as unsafe behavior with their son Greyson, 2, who has been diagnosed with autism. The two also have a 4-year-old daughter, Meilani.

"You are an abuser to the core, Roger Mathews," she wrote. "If this was not enough you have spit at me. You have pushed me. You have shoved me. You have aggressively thrown me to the ground. You have prevented me from closing doors to escape having you come at me. You have belittled and disparaged me. You have threatened me."

Farley, 32, filed for divorce from Mathews in September after three years of marriage.

The two celebrated their third anniversary together a month after she filed for divorce, with Mathews vowing to win back her affection.

However, police were called to their home in Toms River on Dec. 13 during an argument between the two. A temporary restraining order was issued against Mathews that forced him to vacate the house, according to The Asbury Park Press.

A cell phone video Farley included with her message shows security video footage of what appears to be a physical altercation. In it, Matthews appears to throw Farley to the ground.

TODAY reached out to both Mathews and Farley for comment but did not hear back as of Thursday morning. Matthews has not responded publicly on his social media accounts.

In her statement, Farley also claimed Mathews reached out to her ex-boyfriends to "team up" against her, including one from college whom she said was imprisoned for "violent acts" against her. She also said Mathews reached out to another boyfriend, Thomas Lippolis, who was charged in December with trying to extort more than $25,000 from her, according to

"You have embarked on a crusade to abuse me and place me and the kids in harm’s way," Farley said. "I will never allow someone to try all avenues to ruin the person I worked so hard to become…I have been broken down, beaten, hospitalized, traumatized, threatened, degraded, battered, and abused.

We apologize, this video has expired.

"I got out. I stand strong today. For me. For Greyson. For Meilani. They will not grow up watching their mother being a victim of domestic violence. I will be a victim no longer. Roger, know this here and for always – my kindness should never again mistaken for weakness. Remember that. I will not be threatened. I will not be controlled. I will not be broken."

Farley also charged that Mathews fed pizza to Greyson, whom she said has a severe gluten allergy. She also claimed Greyson was not able to get treatment from a therapist on one occasion because Mathews refused to answer the door to their home.

"I can no longer sit idly by while you mistreat and malign me in such an egregious manner. You have presented yourself to the public as a praiseworthy father and a husband who has been suffering by my alleged actions and behavior. The altered perceptions you have created for yourself on social media is truly staggering."