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Make your child the safest kid on the block with Rossen Reports: Kids

Jeff Rossen is on the case for what might be the toughest assignment yet: Parenthood.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen is an expert at avoiding and escaping danger. Want to know how to survive a house fire or protect your privacy? He's your man.

But at home, Jeff is dad of three, just trying to keep his kids safe and healthy. And as every parent knows, children are awfully creative when it comes to finding new ways to put themselves in danger.

Rossen Reports: Kids is TODAY's new digital series, aimed at making your child the safest kid on the block. Join Jeff as he offers practical advice on child safety and answsers some of the most common parenting safety questions, from crossing the street to calling 911. Check out all the episodes here; we'll be updating this page to add new episodes.

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