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Watch NBC News' Jacob Soboroff block falling equipment during live report

Craig Melvin praised him for being "unflappable, as always."
/ Source: TODAY

Journalism can be a contact sport at times.

That's something NBC News/MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff learned firsthand Thursday morning while reporting in the field in Otay Mesa, California, on the border with Mexico.

In Soboroff's case, though, the outside interference came from his equipment, which nearly blew into his head as he was speaking remotely with Craig Melvin on MSNBC.

In the clip, Soboroff is waiting for his turn to speak when suddenly, off-camera filters and equipment come tumbling his way. He reaches up with his right hand and bats everything to the side, barely flinching.

"Craig, happens sometimes at a breezy border location," he says. "I wanted to say what I think was the most important thing you heard there ..." and he segued effortlessly into his reporting.

Winds and falling light stands proved to be NBC News' Kristen Welker's nemeses last April, too; she was standing outside the White House, speaking remotely with Andrea Mitchell, when she was nearly struck by two falling light stands — one on each side of her! But like Soboroff, she kept on doling out the news with barely a pause.

And on Thursday, she welcomed Soboroff into the club via Twitter:

"A total pro, my friend. Welcome to the falling lights club!" she tweeted.

Soboroff responded, "An honor to be in such extraordinary company!"

Meanwhile, Melvin made sure to congratulate Soboroff on his grace-under-fire attitude. Once Soboroff finished with his news, Melvin quipped dryly that the episode had "nearly cost you your life" and then added, "Unflappable, as always, my friend."

Soboroff told not to worry since he was OK and they "all had a laugh" about it.

"I hope the blowing wind draws attention to the interview itself with Secretary Mayorkas about the threat of domestic terrorism in the United States, and the administration’s efforts to reunite families separated at the border," he said in an email.