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'It's never too late for love': 84-year-old grandma marries high school friend

Just when Lindsay Opper thought she had survived wedding season, a surprise came her way.
/ Source: TODAY

Just when Lindsay Opper thought she had survived wedding season, a surprise came her way.

After attending four weddings with her boyfriend over the past year — serving as the maid of honor at one — Lindsay, 27, found out that her 84-year-old grandmother, Phyllis Opper, was tying the knot as well.

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Ten years ago, at her 50th high school reunion, Phyllis reconnected with Nate Workman, a former classmate from Provincetown High School in Massachusetts.

In late November at Lindsay's boyfriend's birthday dinner, Nate, 84, announced that he and Phyllis were getting married.

84-year-old couple love song
Phyllis Opper and Nate WorkmanTODAY / TODAY

"Just three weeks later, I was back at another wedding — this time for my best friend, who just also happens to be my grandmother, my Bubbie," Lindsay told TODAY.

Since it's customary for the bride's best friend to make a wedding toast, Lindsay spoke about all the memories they'd shared over the years.

84-year-old couple wedding
Phyllis Opper and Nate Workman on TODAYTODAY

"As a teenager, I learned that it's never too late for love," Lindsay said.

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Ever since Phyllis started exchanging emails with Nate after the reunion, she'd had a case of the "schoolgirl giggles," Lindsay recalled.

84-year-old couple wedding
The invitation and cake from Phyllis and Nate's weddingTODAY / TODAY

"I didn't think it was possible for my grandmother to become even more beautiful, but Nate has cast the most magnificent light that shines through her smile and sparkles in her eyes," Lindsay said.

On TODAY Thursday, Lindsay presented the newlyweds with the most meaningful wedding gift she could think of: a wedding song.

84-year-old couple marry
Lindsay Opper with Phyllis Opper and Nate WorkmanTODAY / TODAY

Tony award-winning singer Victoria Clark wrote the couple their very own wedding song called "It's Never Too Late for Love."

"Who would have thought that the fifth wedding I would attend in 2015 would be the most memorable?" Lindsay said.