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Sometimes hearing how other people overcame obstacles can motivate you to tackle your challenges. wants to motivate you by sharing inspirational stories and life hacks that will improve your day.

1. After 40 years, man reunites with nurse who was kind to him when no one else was

Gary Bentley never forgot about nurse Kathy, the woman who cared for him after recovering from open heart surgery as a kid. After she was transferred, Gary never got to say thank you so forty years later, Gary posted the photo of nurse Kathy and him on Facebook and through the power of social media (and the kindness of strangers) he was able to track her down!

2. Boy born with cerebral palsy overcomes disability to become a champion

School wasn't easy for Brannen Waldeck. The young boy who suffered from a form of cerebral palsy had struggling walking but than group of bullies began to tease him about the way he walked and the things he had trouble with. In a few years, Brannen decided to join Champions Sports Performance Gym — not only to keep his body in shape, but to make him even stronger than the other boys!


3. He rubs tomato on a cheese grater, now keep your eye on the bowl ...

Food & Wine Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demos a genius trick for making your own homemade tomato sauce that’s simple, fresh, and yummy – not to mention, it requires no cooking, blanching, no peeling, no muss, and no fuss.

4. How color blind are you? This test reveals the truth!

Could you be color blind and just not know it? Scroll though the eye tests below. Try to see if you can spot the hidden animal in each one. Then answer the question, “What animal do you see?” It’s really that simple!

5. Make beautiful art with crayons and a hot glue

Glue guns are some of the handiest craft supplies ever invented. They aren’t limited to purely practical uses. With just a few everyday supplies, they can also be used to create some amazing at-home art!