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'Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking': Kamala Harris stops Pence from interrupting early in debate

Wednesday night's debate is the first and only debate between Harris and Pence.
/ Source: TODAY

It didn't take long for the interruptions to begin during Wednesday night's vice presidential debate.

"Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking," Sen. Kamala Harris said to Vice President Mike Pence after Pence began to interject while Harris was responding to Pence saying President Donald Trump "put the health of America first."

"Whatever the vice president is claiming the administration has done, clearly it hasn't worked," Harris said.

"When you're looking at over 210,000 dead bodies in our country," Harris continued, referring to the coronavirus epidemic.

"The vice president is the head of the (coronavirus) task force," Harris added. "And knew on Jan. 28 how serious this was. Thanks to Bob Woodward, we learned that they knew about it, and then when that was exposed, the vice president said, when asked, 'Well, why didn't y'all tell anybody?'

"He said, 'Because the president wanted people to remain calm.'"

Debate moderator Susan Page jumped in before the vice president proceeded to also weigh in.

"Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking," Harris interjected. "I'm speaking."

Page then gave Harris an additional 15 seconds to finish her remarks before Pence was able to respond again.

Later on about 34 minutes into the debate, Harris repeated, "Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking," when Pence chimed during her comments about taxes.

Harris again said, "Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking," for a third time with about 20 minutes left during the debate when Pence interrupted her response to his question concerning if she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would "pack the Supreme Court" if Amy Coney Barrett were confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States.