'I love ya': Jeb Bush chest bumps brother George W. Bush in new political ad

George W. Bush is working to give his brother a voting bump in the upcoming South Carolina primary, so Jeb Bush gave him a chest bump for his efforts.

In a goofy behind-the-scenes moment from Jeb's latest campaign ad, the Republican candidate surprises the former president with a chest-to-chest salute.

"I love ya,'' the former Florida governor tells his older bro.

Jeb, 63, is no stranger to greeting others with his chest on the campaign trail; in November, he chest-bumped a supporter at a town hall event in Iowa.

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After finishing sixth in the Iowa caucus and fourth in the New Hampshire primary, the younger Bush is hoping George's campaign efforts give him a boost in South Carolina.

He is polling a distant fourth heading into Saturday's crucial primary.

South Carolina marks the first state where George, 69, has made public appearances in support of Jeb.

Two weeks ago, their mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, campaigned on Jeb's behalf in New Hampshire.

Both George and the Bush patriarch, former president George H.W. Bush, won the South Carolina primary during their respective runs to the White House.

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Jeb Bush: I’m giving ‘bully’ Donald Trump a dose of what he dishes out

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Jeb Bush: I’m giving ‘bully’ Donald Trump a dose of what he dishes out

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