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Humphries slams 'hateful' attack on Kim's pal

Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries, denies involvement in a flour assault on Jonathan Cheban.
/ Source: E!online

Kim Kardashian's close friend and her soon-to-be ex-husband have their differences. But does Kris Humphries have a problem with Jonathan Cheban?

After Cheban got doused with flour by a man in a New Jersey Nets jersey, Cheban tells E! News that he remembers the guy who threw the flour in his face saying, "This is for Kris Humphries, you jerk-off," before running away.

And what does Humphries have to say about that?

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Humphries adamantly denied having anything to do with the attack, his rep telling E! News, "Those attackers have absolutely no affiliations with Kris. He would never condone such hateful and unacceptable behavior like that — to any one, in any situation."

"The Spin Crowd" star wasn't injured but the flour got in his eyes, and a security guard at the scene lost his ability to see for a moment as he ushered Cheban into a car outside of the Kardashians sisters' Dash boutique in Manhattan, where their pal was making an appearance on behalf of his new jewelry line, RichRocks.

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"I just want to thank the almost 500 people that came out to see me," Cheban says. "Sorry it had to be spoiled by a weirdo" who "went crazy on my way out."

The flour bomb comes amid tabloid reports that there's bad blood simmering between Humphries and Cheban — who, once upon a time, helped the basketball star plan his proposal to Kim.