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How Joe Biden's Oval Office decor is different from Donald Trump's

The 46th president is paying homage to historic figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt, César Chávez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with his decor choices.
/ Source: TODAY

Joe Biden has only been president for a day, but he's already put his stamp on the Oval Office.

Photos of the office of the newly inaugurated 46th president show an Oval Office centered around a large painting of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well an appreciation of historic figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and César Chávez.

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The Oval Office of the White House is newly redecorated for the first day of President Joe Biden's administration on Wednesday. The dark blue rug is originally from former President Bill Clinton's years in the office. Alex Brandon / AP

The portrait of Roosevelt hangs across from the Resolute Desk and pays tribute to a Democratic president who steered the nation through a difficult period of myriad crises, a task Biden now faces himself.

It's customary for new presidents to design the room according to their own tastes in historical figures and inspirations. Most recently, former President Donald Trump hung a portrait of former President Andrew Jackson and put six flags behind his desk. He also swapped in a bust of Winston Churchill that had been removed under former President Barack Obama.

A bust of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has a prominent place in Biden's Oval Office. Alex Brandon / AP

Biden had the portrait of Jackson taken down, and the bust of Churchill removed, a sculpture lent to the Oval Office by the British government, which did not appear to take any offense to the change.

"The Oval Office is the president’s private office, and it’s up to the president to decorate it as he wishes,” British prime minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman told The Guardian. "We’re in no doubt about the importance President Biden places on the UK-US relationship, and the prime minister looks forward to having that close relationship with him."

A bust of former President Harry Truman is displayed in the Oval Office.Alex Brandon / AP

The bust of King remained in the office under Trump but has now been moved closer to a bust of Robert F. Kennedy around a fireplace. The president cited King as an inspiration in his inaugural address and referred to him in other comments he made on Wednesday.

The Oval Office also includes a bust of Chávez, a Latino labor leader who fought for the rights of farmworkers. Chávez's granddaughter, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, is part of Biden's administration as the director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

The bust of Chávez, which is displayed prominently behind the Resolute Desk, had previously been on display at the visitor center of the César E. Chávez National Monument in Keene, California.

The Oval Office also includes busts of civil rights leader Rosa Parks (left) and former President Abraham Lincoln. Alex Brandon / AP

“I was watching with tears in my eyes,” Elizabeth Strater, spokeswoman for the United Farm Workers, told the Fresno Bee. “My heart is full seeing Cesar Chavez looking over Joe Biden’s shoulders. It is a new day.”

Busts of civil rights hero Rosa Parks and former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and a sculpture by Allan Houser of a member of the Chiricahua Apache tribe are also on display, according to The Washington Post.

A prominent painting of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt is across from the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Alex Brandon / AP

Biden's love of science is represented by a moon rock and a painting of Benjamin Franklin, and the room also features paintings of former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Paintings of former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton and former President Thomas Jefferson are hung close together to represent the importance of differing opinions at the heart of democracy.

A cup and a saucer set can be seen on the Resolute Desk along with a box of pens, which replace the famous thick markers that Trump used to sign executive orders. Biden has also scrapped Trump's famous Diet Coke button, which when pressed, would summon a butler delivering a can of the beverage to the room.

Family photos, including one of Biden's late son, Beau, are also displayed. Alex Brandon / AP

Biden also has displayed photos of his family, particularly his late son Beau, a former attorney general of Delaware who died in 2015 of brain cancer.

The proud father placed the photo of his son alongside a series of other family photos, including one with his wife, first lady Jill Biden.