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How do you write an 'f'? Dylan's husband does it the weirdest way

Brian Fichera's handwriting gets an “F.”
Dylan and her husband started an unexpected debate with a recent Instagram video.
Dylan and her husband started an unexpected debate with a recent Instagram video.Dylan Dreyer / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

What the "f?"

Dylan Dreyer's husband, Brian Fichera, has her wondering who taught him penmanship after seeing the strange way he writes a lowercase letter "f."

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The TODAY meteorologist and co-host shared a video on Instagram Tuesday highlighting her husband's nontraditional handwriting and the weird fish hook part on the top of his "f" next to her handwritten version of an "f."

Fichera's lowercase "f" requires three strokes while Dylan's version only requires two strokes. "It's a lot easier!" Dylan explained, to which he countered, "No ... that doesn't even look like an 'f.' It looks like a weird cross!"

"Married to this guy for almost 10 years and I’m just learning this. Glad I didn’t know sooner...#totallyfed #whothefisright" Dylan wrote in the video caption.

People were scratching their heads over how Fichera could've learned to write it that way.

"This is funny," one commenter wrote. "Who taught him that?"

"What in the world is he doing?!?!" another person wrote. "That is NOT the way to write an f...and this is coming from an elementary school teacher."

"He’s wrong. You’re right, Dylan," another person commented. "That’s nuts."

Dylan and her husband are like many couples learning more about each other than they previously knew while being cooped up together during the pandemic.

When the two haven't been analyzing each other's handwriting, Dylan has been trying out her haircutting skills on him, whipping up some tasty treats with their son Calvin, 4, and collaborating on a funny and emotional recap of how 2020 went for the family of four.

Next up may be some handwriting lessons.