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Hot summer gear for the sand and surf

From fashion to gadgets, check out In Style's must-haves for fun in the sun.

This season is all about soaking up rays and swimming in the surf.  But don't leave for the beach without the latest summer accessories in tow.  Suzanne Zuckerman from In Style magazine shows 'Today' some hot new items to fill your beach bag this summer.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC T7 digital camera and Water-Resistant Shell with rubber flotation buoy
Fuzzy underwater photos are so passé. This amazingly thin digital camera features an LCD screen for great picture quality and automatically makes any necessary color and lighting adjustments for you. Its water-resistant "Sport Jacket" with an easy-to-grab flotation device protects the camera while under up to 10 feet of water. Save it for a rainy day -- it’s waterproof! 877-875-7669; Camera $500; Water-Resistant Shell $100Sony Skip-proof MP3 Player
The Walkman of the future is here. Holding more than 300 songs (345 to be exact), this musical marvel of modern technology runs for 70 hours, providing a seemingly endless soundtrack for your summer. It weighs less than one ounce and is about the size of a poker chip. All you need is a AAA battery and good taste in tunes. 877-865-7669; $100 Apple iPod Mini plus armband in stretchy polyurethaneSo you want to jog along the surf but despise the bruising bounce of your music device against your soon-to-be perfectly toned physique? The folks at Apple have come up with a solution as inspired as their rock n’ roll silhouette commercials: a stretchy polyurethane armband that keeps your mini-iPod secure as you frolic in the waves. The iPod itself only weighs 3.6 ounces but holds 6 gigabytes of music, ensuring you’ll never be running on empty., 800-692-7753; iPod Mini $200; Armband $29

Two in One AM FM radio and Plastic Cooler by PB teenCreate an instant party with this multi-functional cooler-meets-radio from Pottery Barn’s teen line. It's plastic with a rubber handle for comfy carrying in a can’t-miss bright orange hue. You’ll be the hit of the barbecue circuit. 866-472-3001; $59 Built NY Neoprene CarrierYour local watering hole just got portable, thanks to this soft, squishy, B.Y.O.Bag made of wetsuit material. This carrier holds six 12 ounce bottles or cans so you can transport your beverage of choice -- be it water, soda or spirits -- in safety and style. It maintains the temperature of its contents for hours while bottles remain buffered from breakage. Best yet, unlike a bulky cooler, it lays flat when empty for easy storage in your handbag. It comes in red, black, green and navy blue. 866-878-4281; $19 Lula B. tie-dyed terrycloth beach towelsLiving the life aquatic has never been so groovy. Each individually tie-dyed towel is unique in its own way -- and uniquely fluffy thanks to the silicone soft-washing process it undergoes. No wonder they’re adored by stars like Jamie Foxx who are big into luxury. Available in funky shades like mint, kelly and purple at New York’s fashion Mecca Henri Bendel.323-654-8062; $68Cotton Canvas striped boat and tote by L.L. Bean
Made in Maine, these really big bags with durable bottom and zipper top from Freeport’s famous L.L. Bean outpost have a classic New England chic that belies their affordable price. At 15" H by 17" W by 7 1/2" D they’re roomy enough to fit the whole kitchen sink -- or whatever you’ll need at the pool. Available in bright red, clear blue, green tea, khaki, pink waterlily or yellow. 800-809-7057; $35Translucent Plastic Playing Cards in Carrying Case by Umbra
If you love a good game of go fish but are wary of waterlogged playing cards, the genius inventors at Umbra have stacked the deck in your favor. These translucent, waterproof cards are encased in blue, lime or tickle pink plastic boxes for their own protection. Now all you have to do is win. 800-387-5122; $6 Nine West fringed linen cowboy hat
We all have that fantasy of riding a horse across the dunes. At least you can dress the part in In Style’s favorite summer cowboy hat -- this linen chapeau from Nine West. Available in a variety of breezy shades like bright coral, citrus green, and fuschia, its hip, floppy silhouette flatters any face shape without overwhelming your features. Plus, it will protect your visage from the sun’s harmful rays to ensure your beauty outlasts any trend. 866-235-5443; $28 Merona Tunic-style Beach Cover UpsYou can’t visit any high-end boutique without running into the beaded tunic craze. It’s the most talked-about trend of the summer as well as the hottest fashion item to hit the sand since the seventies. Say goodbye to sarong snafus. Available in pink, blue and; $15