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Hospice nurse makes patients smile with moving version of Adele hit

A British hospice nurse wowed her patients and colleagues with an amazing rendition of an Adele twist on a Bob Dylan classic.
/ Source: TODAY

A British nurse was just hoping to cheer up her patients when she sat a piano to play Adele's cover of a Bob Dylan song.

The beautiful performance by Emma Young, 21, not only had patients and colleagues smiling through tears, but also brought smiles to faces of those well beyond the room at the hospice facility.

Young's moving rendition of Adele's 2008 cover of "Make You Feel My Love" on July 22 was posted to Facebook by St. Helena Hospice in Colchester, where it has received a huge response.

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"When I started at the hospice a year ago, there was a piano, which was a big bonus,'' Young told the local East Anglian Daily Times. "I just sat down one day and played, and they all loved it.

"I love singing to the patients. It is a form of therapy for some of them."

"This special moment that we captured has helped us show that hospice care really is so much more than medical care and physical symptoms - at the end of the day we just want to make our patients and families days a bit brighter at one of the most difficult times in their lives,'' St. Helena Hospice wrote on its Facebook page.

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Young is a huge Adele fan who occasionally performs at open-mic nights and has been playing piano and singing since she was 10 years old, according to the East Anglian Daily Times.

"I pretend I’m Adele when I’m driving to work!" Young said.

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