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Honest B'Abe! Sexy Abraham Lincoln statue has visitors swooning

If a mention of Lincoln leaves you picturing a statesman with a beard and a stovepipe hat, get ready for a mental makeover.
/ Source: TODAY

Well hello, Mr. President!

If a mention of Abraham Lincoln leaves you picturing a serious-looking statesman with a beard and a stovepipe hat, get ready for a mental makeover.

A statue of our 16th president, representing his pre-White House days, has visitors to Chicago's Senn Park doing a double take — and they like what they see.

Just look at the wavy locks, that square jaw and those strong arms. This Lincoln hasn't had to face a nation divided yet. He's casual — note the open shirt and bare feet. He's just hanging out on a stump with a faraway look in his eyes.

While the 9-foot-tall bronze sculpture has recently (and unofficially) been dubbed "Babe-raham Lincoln," artist Charles Keck created this easy-on-the-eyes figure called "Young Lincoln" back in 1945.

Of course, there was no social media back then, so it took a while for the hot-Lincoln fire to really spread.

According to The Civil War in Art, "This sculpture gives you the feeling that Lincoln has just finished work, found a comfortable tree stump to sit on, grabbed his book and is lost in his law studies."

Well, that's one feeling it might give you.


Keck didn't have any photos of young Lincoln from the 1820s to work from, so there's a bit of artistic license to his version the leader-to-be. But take heart Honest Abe fans! He wasn't the only sculptor to imagine the form of "a more perfect" president.

In fact, others beat him to it.

In 1935, Bryant Baker created this brazen boot-clad B'Abe that now resides in Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York.

And in 1939, James Hansen really went for it.

Check out that brooding, shirtless and undeniably handsome Lincoln, which has been on display at the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse since 1941 (and in our dreams since right about now).