The holidays are here! TODAY welcomes Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to the plaza

It's that time of year again, and with a little help from the TODAY family, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrived at its new home Friday morning. 

The 90-year-old Norwegian Spruce finished its trek from Danville, Penn. where it was selected from the yard of Dan and Rachel Sigafoos. The tree stands 85 feet tall, is 46 feet wide and weighs roughly 13 tons.


The newlyweds said the tree was a main selling point for them when they were house hunting two years ago. The man who owned the house before them said it was being considered for "rock star status," and that was all they needed to hear.

"When they told us, I might have said 'we are buying this house. You will not deny me this opportunity,'" Rachel joked.

The Sigafoos said they wanted to share the tree, because it symbolizes something special.


"Christmas is just so much about the opportunity to look forward and have hope," Rachel said. "It's always been so important for my family to come together."

The 82nd annual tree lighting ceremony that will take place on December 3.